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Another Reason for Peace

February 28, 2011

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We Are NOT More Free

With the war in Afghanistan, and the Americans in Iraq (not *classified* as fighting men any longer) being killed every day,  it would seem like a good idea to reflect on what all that killing and dying is accomplishing.

Yeah. Me neither.  It is accomplishing nothing.  We are not more free.  Nor are we more safe.  But we are more poor.  If one thinks back on all the adventures our youth in the military have been sent on, and the results, quickly one starts to recognize that they have been killed, and have killed.  Expended a lot of money.  Made worldwide enemies.  And not accomplished one damn thing.

And then there is this:

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators | Rolling Stone Politics.

in order to garner support for the “war effort” this General says our guys “over there” were using some rather unusual lobbying efforts.  I say that this shit needs to stop.  We need to change course.  Our country needs to stop being an interventionist war machine.

The Rolling Stone Article gives one more reason why.  But the most important reason we need to stop the war in Afghanistan is this:

Not Being Declared by Congress

The “war” in Afghanistan is an unconstitutional war.  But that is not all.  Who is our army fighting against?  Does the General Caldwell give the appearance of a member of the Ruling Class?

Does the female officer, whose career has potentially been destroyed, have any recourse?  Is this what we hired her for?

Whenever our country is required to participate in a just war, it is Congress’ duty to declare war, and the reasons that compel it.  That is what our system requires.  That has not been done.  Therefore we should put an end to it.  We should act to save lives.

Write some letters to your U.S. Senators and your Congressman and tell them this.


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