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TV News Exposure

February 27, 2011

Its nightly 11 o'clock news open.

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Can TV News Sour Your Attitude?

And what about watching the teewee in general?  Does the Teewee News really cause people to suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) symptoms? Mark Sisson, advocate of the Cave Man Diet, investigates these questions and more in this article:

The Health Impact of News Exposure | Mark’s Daily Apple.

I have long been fascinated by the reaction of people to an idiot box when they pass by and see one turned on.  (Back when I was growing up, these electronic devices were frequently called “Idiot Boxes” for their ability to cause people to sit and stare, with their mouth open, thus looking like an idiot.)  Try this yourself when you are near an operating television set in public:  stand off to one side where you will be afforded a view of any viewer of the teewee as they pass by.  Watch the facial expressions of passers-by.  Observe how many look at the screen, how few pass by without looking.  Especially, monitor the expressions on the faces of the viewers.

Interesting, eh?

Idiot box, indeed.

An interesting set of questions arose after reading the linked article above.  If watching the TV News negatively affects one’s attitude, and they don’t want their attitude negatively affected, what are they to do?  If one stops watching the boob tube how do they keep abreast of current events?  If any of my dear readers have solutions to this quandry I sure would be interested to hear about their idea in the comments below.

Perhaps the solution lies in properly utilizing that electronic gadget we know as a television. Let’s say we determine a reasonable amount of time that we want to dedicate to using the television, and then limit our daily consumption to that.  Let’s say that ordinarily, we get home from work at 5 and turn on the boob tube and let it play until 11:30 after the “news” is done.  Six and a half hours.  Let’s say we start with a number like 3 hours.  So we skip the 5 o’clock “news”, the six o’clock “news” and the 11 o’clock news.  We turn on the TV at 7, get ourselves entertained a little and turn it off at 10.  3 hours, not too much PTSS, and go to bed and read a classic novel.

I feel better already.

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