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Entitlements, and Rights

February 24, 2011

The state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin

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Or, Is the Unrest Around the World, Related?

Well dear reader, we certainly do live in interesting times.  All hell seems to have broken loose in the Middle East, and demonstrations continue in the United State of America.  These outward displays of human energy are frequently conflated.  They are intermingled with terms like “freedom fighter” or “protecting our rights”.  Some even suggest that the unrest is a struggle of labor against management.

“Rights Come From God”

Real Americans are well versed in the Declaration of Independence.  They know that “Rights” are individually granted to each human being, at birth (@conception), and that “Rights” are inalienable.  Rights are not alterable by mere mortals.  Rights can be surrendered, but they cannot be legislated away.  Men are too weak to alter “Rights” endowed by the Creator.

As Moamar Khadafi orders his army to mow down Libyan People in the cities of Libya, their RIGHTS (remember the Right to Life?) are being violated.  Ordinary Libyans are expressing their Right of free speech.  Real Americans understand that “All men are created equal“, and we stand with the Libyan people to demand that their rights be respected.

And then, there are Privileges

Privileges are created by humans.  They are fluid, changeable.  They are granted by governments, and they can be taken away.  The privilege of having a specific salary, or certain health care benefits, or a guaranteed pension from one’s employer exists only as long as the contract guaranteeing it exists.  When your employer is We, the People, and We, the People’s government is flat busted, there is a pretty good chance your contract is going to be altered.

The people demonstrating in Madison, Wisconsin perhaps do not understand this.  Or, maybe they do.  If they don’t, then they will.  The government there is broke.  The government there must cut spending.  Cutting spending will require contracts to be negotiated, and will require concessions.

The difference between the entitlement of pay rates and benefits and the Right to Life, and the Right to free speech should be obvious.  The demonstrators in Madison are using their right of free speech to negotiate the entitlement of pay and benefits.  The demonstrators in the Middle East are using their right of free speech to change their style of government, hopefully to one that does not shoot them like rabid dogs in the street.

The demonstrators in Madison are finding out that they must deal with the Ruling Class of Wisconsin to determine their entitlements.  They should be glad that it is not Ghadafi that they are dealing with.

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