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Hoosier Dems Flee

February 23, 2011

Indiana State Capitol at the end of Market St,...

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Following Wisconsin Tactic Prevents “Progress”

Apparently, all but 3 Democrats fled the state in order to avoid changing the forced paying of union dues by public employees.  Many people might be upset by this, but not me.  Public servants that only represent *Special Interests*, in my opinion, ought to flee the state.  AND DON’T COME BACK!

Witnessing the Politics of Group Interests

What the debacle in Wisconsin, and now the group (party) tactics in Indianapolis, illustrate is how group interests are served.  In this case, the union workers of state and local government, having been strong supporters of members of the Democrat Party, are having their interest protected.  The plain jane, average citizen of Indiana, The Citizen, is being left out.  And that is ok, at least for the moment.

The Trend is your Friend

The trend in the private sector has been one of belt tightening.  Businesses have been getting downsized, they have been forced through competition to become leaner.  Individuals have had to reduce their discretionary spending.  And yet *public servant* employees have been shown to have increased benefits, higher salaries, and guaranteed pensions.  Amid a landscape of pay concessions in the private sector, home foreclosures, and generally increasing prices for energy, food and transportation, the *public sector* has faced none of that.  Yet.

And so that will be addressed in states across the country.  In Madison, Wisconsin and in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Democrats running away to another state in order to forestall Right to Work legislation, and the eventual downsizing of the public sector is a temporary measure.  They are revealing their priorities, and We, the People are watching.  Waiting.  Considering the return on net assets that we receive for our (TOO HIGH) tax dollars.

As the out-of-control government spending of the past is examined, belt tightening in the public sector WILL be required.  The citizenry has had their turn at downsizing, and the *servants* they have hired will be seeing their turn.  The Democrats can run, but the deficits they cannot hide.

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  1. February 23, 2011 2:23 pm

    Too bad they all didn’t flee before passing their spending bills.

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