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Wisconsin as a Battleground

February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Welcome Sign

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Forced Unionism or the Right to Work?

Well, dear reader, after a brief hiatus into what became the “Winter Wonderland” of Michigan, I am back in the Greater Bippus Area.  And things happening in Wisconsin will be affecting us in Bippus, ayup, even in the rural parts of Indiana.  You see, Wisconsin was the first state to develop what is almost never called “Forced Unionism”, where state employees are required to pay union dues as a requirement of employment.  But they are.  And the new governor of Wisconsin, elected with the help of Tea Party people, has made a bold move to change that.  Part of his “radical” proposal would allow public employees the choice to participate in the union, or not.  And that, in my opinion is what has gotten all those demonstrators in Wisconsin so fired up.  Egypt, brought to America.

Veil of the Teachers Union, being Pulled Back

The collective bargaining by teachers has, during my entire lifetime, been veiled with “benefits for the children”.  Many people still believe this. I do not.  Consider this quote from Albert Shanker, President of the United Federation of Teachers for 20 years, and President of the American Federation of Teachers for 23 years- – -“When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”  Now does that sound like someone who is interested in the future of our kids?

If you have ever seen the movie titled “The Cartel”  (and I recommend that you do) you recognize that there is big money involved.  HUGE money.  Coerced, and taken from taxpayer money.  In Wisconsin, that taxpayer money pays unionized public workers, including teachers, for their wages, benefits and pensions.  Governor Scott Walker is proposing that public servants pay a small portion of their own benefits, in order to help the state climb out of a $3.7 Billion hole they are dug into.  Unionists in the public sector say no.  Don’t be deceived, this is all about money.  And most TEA Party people realize it is about YOUR MONEY.  OUR MONEY.  TAX MONEY.  MY MONEY!

TEA Party – All About Freedom

The TEA Party movement is all about Freedom.  And freedom is all about choice.  The TEA Party helped to get Scott Walker elected as governor.  He is acting to benefit ALL the people of the state of Wisconsin- to get them out of debt, and to provide them with more choices, and thus, more freedom.  The union demonstrators are acting in their own best interest.  It would seem to be a fairly nice perk to have all (100%) of your health care and pension paid for.  I am not familiar with any private sector employers that do that for their employees.  And so if Wisconsin moves forward with this freedom for its citizens, that initial baby step could move through other states that are in financial difficulty.  And that even includes the citizens of Bippus, Indiana.  And you too.


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