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Reshaping the Internet

February 21, 2011

With a Freedom Box –

Just ran across this interesting article:   Eben Moglen Is Reshaping Internet With a Freedom Box –  and my spirit did back flips.  Go ahead and click on it and read it and then come back here.  I promise I will be here when you click back.

tic, tic, tic, tick.

OK…Was that warming to your spirit?  Some “Chicken Soup” for your internet soul?  My gosh, how nice would it be to actually feel secure when we are doing a little social networking?

Not something I usually do, but…

If you are as excited as I am about this decentralized version of the Internet that Eben Moglen is proposing, then I would ask you to contribute;  either in a financial way by supporting his foundation, or in a geekish way by becoming a developer/contributor.  When you start clicking around on the links in that NY Times article, you can get to the Freedom Box Foundation, and Diaspora and if you have the ability, please step up there and push this thing forward.

Because I believe that freedom is the answer to everything that ails us.

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