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Unusual Goose Sighting

February 19, 2011

Lesser Snow Goose

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Snow Goose at Detroit Metro Airport

Greetings, dear reader.  I am writing from my Mother’s house in southeast Michigan.  I drove up this afternoon, some two hundred miles. The route included me driving eastward along Interstate 94, which goes right past Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  Most people passing the airport watch for an incoming jet, as they approach from the northeast, and come in low over the expressway.  But not me.

As I travel, I look for wildlife

So as I was passing Detroit Metropolitan Airport, I noticed flocks of geese trading forth and back.  With the snows melting off, there are ponds everywhere.  And the geese are looking for ponds.  One small flock of 7 passed over the freeway in front of me, but one was really small.  And white.  As a trained waterfowl identification expert I watched it closely.  And then for just a brief moment, I saw what I was straining to see.  Black wing tips on that nearly all white goose.  BINGO!  It definitely was a snow goose.

Now don’t get me wrong, snow geese are not unusual. In fact they are overabundant.  What is unusual about my sighting is that there was only one snow goose.  And he was mixed in a flock with six Canada Geese.  Usually Snow Geese travel in flocks of 100 to 1000 of their own kind.  And it is rare for me to see them around Detroit.  So there you have it.

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