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A Nice Suntan

February 17, 2011

Ice fishing in the Finnish Miljoonapilkki fish...

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Heat Wave Provides Unique Opportunity

Here in the GBA we are enjoying temperatures in the Fifties.  The ole thermometer may reach sixty today.  After a temp of negative ten not so long ago, fifty degrees make it hard to stay indoors.

So yesterday became a Fishing Day

Yours truly got a chance to go ice fishing yesterday.  The ice was a bit mushy on top, but it was a  foot thick.  On my way to the lake, I spotted my first Robin of 2011- which many would say is an indicator.  The wind was gentle, the sun was out, and the fish?  Well, the fish were not all that cooperative.  I did manage to keep a dozen, so there is some fishy nutrition in all of this.  Did I mention that the sun was out?

While out on the lake…

After I drilled each hole through the ice, I oriented myself to face the sun.  It felt so good on my face.  The ice made a sort of bubbling sound, as it was converted from solid to liquid.  And the geese were honking.  The geese were Canada Geese, and they were already in pairs, their honking was intended to create a space from other geese as they claimed their nesting territory.  This seemed a little bit early to me. Until…

I heard a whooshing sound overhead.  As I looked skyward, I spotted a flock of over a hundred Red Winged Blackbirds, heading north.  The rustling of their wings was what created the whooshing.  They seem to have arrived a little bit early, to me.  The fishing was slow.  The take away from all this is that my face has a bit of a summer-like glow.  I managed to get a little bit of a tan.  That seems a little early too.

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