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How the Games is Played

February 16, 2011

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And a Crooked Game It Is

Good morning, dear reader.  One of my heroes is a writer named Gary North.  He is a no-nonsense, prolific writer of a contrarian bent.  He runs a subscription service webpage, with a FREE section, which may just whet your appetite to pay to get into the subscription pages.  You can test the waters at Gary North *dot* com and I recommend that you do.

The Income Tax Amendment of 1913

1913 was a terrible year in the United States of America.  The Creature of Jeckyl Island (the FED)  was created that year.   The income tax was created that year.  The direct election of U.S. Senators began that year.  Triple whammy.  All three bad for *We, the People*.  What I learned from Gary North today (and he quotes Wikipedia on this) is that the Rockefeller Foundation also began in 1913.  Are these items connected?

Gary North writes about a fellow named Bill Benson, who co-authored a book with Red Beckman titled The Law that Never Was.  Now can you guess what *law* they refer to?  Did you say “The Income Tax”?  Bingo.  And the point Dr. North is trying to get across is that author Benson has photocopies of documents from his research that show that the Sixteenth Amendment (The ick, Income Tax) was never properly ratified.  The history of this development is HERE .

Games, Games, Games

More recently another writer named Devvy Kidd has dug into the Benson story.  Devvy Kidd is a freedom writer as well.  Frequently, (coincidentally?) I have trouble reaching her website and articles she has written, so I won’t leave a link here.  Google her up and look for her writings on the 17th Amendment, the one *allowing* the direct election of senators, which could be titled “The Destruction of States’ Rights in the National Government” Amendment.

Understanding the relationship of how the income tax, the Federal Reserve, the dircet election of senators and the Rockefeller tax shelter Foundation were created is instrumental to one’s understanding of how the game is played.  The history is fascinating, and I encourage you to dig deeper.  There  is (like they said in the movie, The Matrix) no telling how far down the rabbit hole you may go.  But you will be enlightened as to how the game is played.

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