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Watching the Snow Melt

February 14, 2011

Not as Dull as One Might Think

The thaw has arrived in the GBA.  Yesterday it reached 48 degrees F.  The snow has started melting, and I am paying attention.  That sounds a lot like watching paint dry, you say? Not really.

I am watching to see how well I placed the snow piles when I plowed out the driveway.  As an ex-city boy, I learned long ago that proper sidewalk shovelling allowed the snow to melt away from the concrete and drain appropriately.  In the GBA, where we move snow with tractors and blades and buckets on our tractors, the mistakes can be monumentally worse.

Like picking driveway gravel out of the grass before one mows.  Or seeding new grass where one plowed a little too deep and a little beyond the periphery of the drive.  Or piling the snow where it drains to one’s basement.

Are all the snowpiles draining away from the house?

That is the fundamental question today, as I watch the snow go and the puddles form.  We have a forecast for 3 days way above freezing, and even rain showers Thursday.  So this is an opportunity to learn. And to improve.  Winter weather is projected to return to the GBA Friday.  With the pavement completely dry, we know the shovelwork was done correctly.  Puddle formations and sump pump operation will provide feedback on the plowing.

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