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Food. Forever. Huh?

February 12, 2011

Old Fashioned Candy Store - Boxy Tootsie Roll ...

Image by catchesthelight via Flickr

Stretching your Food Dollars

With the price of everything rising, when I run across a way to get FOOD that never EXPIRES (or at a reduced price)  then I look at it.  So when I came across this article by Kellene Bishop,,,Forever Foods and More you bet your bippee I wanted to know more.  Now I was familiar with the concept that the peanut butter in the old Marine Corps “C” Rations would last forever.  And the idea that Tootsie Rolls were developed for American Fighting men, and if not eaten, would clog landfills because they never break down.  But this?  Come on Kellene.

Our Refrigerator: Petrie Dish for Chicken Snacks?

I have often accused folks around here of placing things in the refrigerator with the express purpose of growing mold on it, later to be fed to the chickens.  As long as the flock survives, they produce food, so that green mold covered mystery foodstuff in the tupperware, I always consider to be *Forever Food*.

Check out Kellene’s post.  There is practical knowledge there.  You will save some money by applying her concepts.  And get yourself some chickens, for the foods that are not *forever*.

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