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In the Deep Freeze

February 8, 2011

A powder snow avalanche

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G.B.A to hang in the teens.

We received another inch of snow today in the Greater Bippus Area.  Light, fluffy snow, as it was cold and calm today.  The forecast for the next few days includes a low in the 00’s and a high in the mid teens.  Deep winter cold.

And your favorite blog writer is fighting it .  A cold that is.  Sure I still want to do all kinds of cool (and WARM) things, but fighting this internal cold is a priority right now.  In the meantime, I will just say this:

The days keep getting longer.  The sunset was tremendous this evening as I went out to collect eggs, the air freezing the inside of my nose as the pastel pinks and blues, like Easter egg colors melded in the western sky. The two foot drop down off the snow shelf to get into the chicken pen was a breeze, and I even remembered to “duck” so I didn’t bang my sore head on the stringer over the gate.  The crunch of the cold snow underfoot, added to the mysticism of the sunset period.  Winter envelops the G.B.A.  It is cold.  It is right to have a cold now.  Good night.

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