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Christian Brother Needs Help

February 5, 2011

Separating Country from State

We received a prayer request this morning, from a Christian, patriotic TEA Party person.  There were lots of photos commemorating Americans who have died for their country. Or for their state. Or, perhaps, for the “Ruling Class”.

Each cross represents one dead American, killed in hostilities overseas

Now, admittedly, I read this e-mail in the hour of four this morning.  Admittedly, I was affected emotionally by the images (included above and below).  I know the intentions of the husband and wife that share the e-mail address.  My emotions grabbed a hold of me, and I rewrote the prayer, and mailed it back.  In the revised prayer, I tried to separate “state” from “country”.  I tried to separate “fighting man” from “Ruling Class”, and I tried to separate Exodus 20 Verse 13 from a legitimate “Just War” defense of self or country.

Admittedly, I failed.

What is the Real Message behind the sign?

Emotions- Powerful, and Dangerous

When I read “Bring ’em On”  on the sign above, with the symbols of all those dead Americans, I wondered what people think is going on in Afghanistan.  Are we safer because American troops are killing people overseas?  Does each dead American represent some savings of lives of mainland Americans that an Afghan would have killed here on our soil?  Did all the dead in Iraq make us more free in this country?  Are we freer now than before the catastrophe in Somalia?  Are we safer than when President Clinton bombed Yugoslavia?

Do we have more rights today, than when my fellow Marines invaded Korea?  The U.S. government provided troops with 3 cigarettes with each meal in their C-Rations at that time.  Now they restrict the rights of people as to where they may light up.  Are we more free today?

Are American Troops really fighting for our rights?  Are they losing?

Rethink Afghanistan, Rethink foreign war.

Rethinking is Required, or maybe Thinking for the First Time

Emotions are easy to provoke.  Deep thought is not.  The title to this blog post is for this Christian brother that needs help.  Me.  How does one square “Thou Shalt not Kill”, you know, one of those rules that was carved in stone, how does a Christian square that with an undeclared war in a foreign country that never attacked our country, paid for with money that we do not have, created out of thin air, neither gold nor silver, administered by a regime lacking the consent of the governed, with bombs and bullets purchased on the credit cards of our posterity?

It seems to me, that any Christian TEA Party prayer request, ought to be to safely bring all American troops home immediately, end all foreign undeclared wars, cease all foreign aid, reduce the insane debt levels being foisted on our children and grandchildren, slow crazy “defense” spending, replace “Ruling Class” representatives with country class statesmen, and defend the borders against foreign invasion.  But that is crazy, isn’t it?  GOD, please help me.  Please help us.  Please forgive U.S. as we attempt to get it straight.

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