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“Almost” Normal

February 4, 2011

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Routine Slowly Returning

Greetings, dear reader from under the snow drifts of the G.B.A.  The snow has stopped falling, and the drifts have somewhat found their way away from the roads, and our normal routine is settling back in, just in time for the weekend.

Back to School

The kids will be back in school today, after 3 days off for snow.  Even so, the day will be 2 hours shorter, as the school district called a two hour delay.  This allows the buses to travel by the light of day, and allows regular people to travel to work more efficiently, without getting caught up behind a school bus.

Keep on Plowing

I will keep on plowing, trying to find the gravel that our driveway is made of.  We have run the tractor with the blade and bucket for 3 days in a row, and yesterday I did scrape some stone.  The circle drive is mostly passable, if one is careful, but one more *fine tuning* and some more shovel work will be appreciated by the less careful drivers, and the trash man.

I hope to share some snow pics with you soon.

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