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A New, Healthier YOU

January 31, 2011

Let’s Get Healthier Together

Good morning, dear reader.  After a couple of days last week where I had a strong desire to sleep in, take a nap, be lethargic, and otherwise show signs of just not wanting to do a darn thing, I came across another internet writer who highly recommends creating a checklist, on a daily basis, and using it to knock off high priority *To-Do* items, each and every day.  As I do a lot of research, on various subjects, and was *developing* my dilly to do list (it should be “daily”, but when I saved the original excel spreadsheet copy it was “dilly”, and it has been a *dilly* ever since), I noticed some very successful people that highly regard daily exercises.  So I wrote some exercises onto my list, and “try” to complete them each day.  You should too.

My Daily To-Do Exercises

First, a couple of disclaimers…Please do not do anything extreme, or harmful to yourself just because some old fart in Bippus, Indiana said on the internet that it would be good for you.  If in doubt, check with your doctor.  Please.  Second- these exercises are my daily GOAL… Sometimes I get them all done, sometimes I don’t.  It is just something I shoot for. A “stretch goal” if you will.  In the morning, the top exercise on my list is a stretching exercise. No big deal, just a reach for the sky, stretch each side of the old body to try to lengthen it to the max, alternated with toe touchers that end with knuckles on the ground.  And then ten “windmills” (you remember right finger to left toe, up, left finger to right toe, up?). About three minutes, and I earn one check.

Next:  Perform Tai Chi. I learned this exercise routine from a retired Detroit Policeman, who was a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a wonderful & enlightening friend.  If you are over 40, go out and get you some lessons at your local community center, in person.  Tai Chi is designed for people over 40. (Ten to Fifteen minutes)

Mid-Day:  Perform Aerobics (ha ha) if you know my score on achieving this one, well, never mind it is still a GOAL.  Google up “PEAK EIGHT” exercises.  I have tried to do this, and it is a huge butt-kicker that has you run as fast and as hard as you can for like twenty seconds, then jog for 20 X 8 = 160 seconds then repeat.  8 times total.  Then, if you are like me, wake up in a ditch along a country road.  Still breathing hard.  YMMV.  (Your mileage may vary. Again use common sense) 24 minutes of sheer hell.

In the evening:  Go for a walk.  After the Peak-8, this is a breeze.  Bring a spouse or friend.  Walk and talk.  This is really nice when the sun is out, if you can swing it. Bring Fido. Nice 20 to 30 minute experience.

Lift Weights- Here again, I have been trying and I give myself points for this.  Some curls, some overhead presses, behind the head press; not too much weight, not too much time.  Just do it and earn a check mark.  About ten minutes.

And then before bedtime…some more stretching exercises. Same routine as in the morning.  Earn a check mark, review your day’s accomplishments, plan tomorrow’s success story.  Three minutes.

And new to me (today) twice a day is Regulated Breath Holding.  The purpose is to increase the amount of oxygen in your body’s cells.  This could be the key to avoiding cancer, at least according to the folks HERE: Scroll down a ways to read Dr. Weil’s favorite breathing technique-it seems promising.  And you can probably do this one while you are at work.

That is what I am pursuing as goals toward having a healthier me.  I would encourage all my dear readers to consider squeezing a few of these exercises into your daily routine.  Our bodies are a temple, and we must attempt to use them wisely, especially as we grow older.

What exercises do you practice regularly?  What would you suggest I add?

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