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Gone Fishin’

January 28, 2011

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Food for the Brain, Food for the Garden

In the Greater Bippus Area, winter is obvious.  Current temp is 24, snow cover is about 4 inches.  The thermometer has rarely reached above 32 in the past month.  So what is one to do?  Go ice fishing.  Ice fishing is popular in northeast Indiana.  It provides the participant an opportunity for fresh air, exercise, occasionally a little bit of sun, mental health and fish.  Fish as in protein food.  And protein food for the garden, for those who have planned ahead.

Tricks my father taught me

Way back when I was a kid in Michigan, as autumn was winding down, my father would have me go out in the garden and dig eight or ten holes about a foot across and two feet deep.  These were where the fish offal would be deposited during the frozen months.  During the summer months it is no big deal to goo out and dig a hole and bury your fish remains.  But try it now, in January, and you will have an adventure.  And quit before succeeding.  So I carry on the tradition.

So, if you don’t hear from me for the rest of the day, it is because I am out fishin’.  Peace.

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  1. paula permalink
    January 28, 2011 6:40 pm

    Ha ha…as long as the little dog with the black eye doesn’t dig up your fish & play with them so he smells WONDERFUL!


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