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The Cartel movie: Sorry State of Public Education

January 27, 2011

Downtown Fort Wayne, as seen from Freimann Square.

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Don’t Blame the Teachers

Greetings, dear reader.  I had the opportunity to head into The Big Apple, err, I mean Fort Wayne last night, to visit with the 9/12 group there, and to watch the movie, The Cartel. The 9/12 group was offering “Free Food”, and you know me, I love my good eats, specially the free kind, and so Junior and I headed into town.

“The Cartel” movie is a “must see”

The Cartel movie studies the state of public education in New Jersey.  Before you go off all postal on me, they do explain that the problems of the system in New Jersey are problems that exist in all the public school systems, throughout the country.  You really need to see this movie, and it does NOT get down on public school teachers.  At least not the good ones.

As an example, in one class the teacher earns about $55,000 per year in salary.  Yet the class she teaches uses (burns through?) $330,000.  Now the 55K is a pretty good chunk of change, but it is only one-sixth of what the public school system there is costing taxpayers.  Where is the other 5/6, you ask?

O-V-E-R-H-E-A-D.  That is right, the rest is in overhead. Buildings, HVAC, lighting, water, sewer, maintenance.  That is a chunk.  But even more, it is in administration. School boards, appointed positions, advisors, health specialists.  I don’t want to give too much away, but do you think there might be a little potential for abuse through cronyism, political favors and the like?

Yeah, me too.

You need to see this movie.  The Cartel, by Bob Bowden.  I have a feeling that a TEA Party or 9/12 or Patriot group near you will be presenting it.  Or, you can GO HERE

It really IS that important.  Comments?


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