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Fruit – It IS Good Food

January 25, 2011

Dr. Seuss tree

Image by pamramsey via Flickr

“Finney’s Finest Fresh Fruit”

Ok, you caught me there, dear reader; I rather much *borrowed* that from Dr. Seuss, swapping *fish* for *fruit*.   But I was reading one of those health websites, about boosting my metabolism, and the author is saying you gotta have fruit, good amounts of fresh fruit.  And I am looking around, and I see apples and bananas, and I know there are prunes ahem, “dried plums”, ahem in the fridge.  And if you have been here at ViewfromBippus before then you know I am always thinking about growing good food, and then an old Chinese saying came to me, tying all these rogue concepts together:

“The best time to plant a fruit tree is 20 years ago”

Those Chinese people, always coming up with witty, um, witticisms.  “The second best time to plant a fruit tree is NOW!”  No, not right now, at least not in the G.B.A.  But you could include planting a fruit tree in your plan. OK, so if Dr. Mercola says you need to eat good, fresh fruit to be healthy, and Uncle Milton says that the finest fresh fruit you CAN eat is the fruit you grow yourself, and the witty Chinese say that the best time to plant a fruit tree (since we missed that option 20 years ago), the best time is now, well, what are we waiting for?  Let’s go!

Steps to the *finest,fresh fruit*

  • Identify a sunny spot in your yard, where you want to pick fruit
  • Google up some nurseries (I like Bargains)
  • Identify the fruits you just LOVE
  • Select the varieties
  • Fill out the order form
  • Don’t forget accesories like stakes, fertilizer, coconut root bedding, etc.
  • Write the check
  • Mail it off.

Oh, man, my mouth is just watering right now.  Umm, you know that you will have to weed, prune, water, feed and talk nice to your new fruit tree once you get it planted, right? The nursery will ship it to you, in the spring, arriving at just the right time.  Here’s the bad news- it may take up to 5 years before you harvest your first piece of fruit.  But, brother, when you do, you will be thanking me.

And (hopefully) sharing a nice, fine, fresh piece of fruit!

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