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Fascinating Food Distribution

January 24, 2011

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Behind the Scenes at Kroger

Americans have become accustomed to dropping in at the local store and finding just about anything they want or need on the shelf.  I have read where many people rely on the food distribution network to such a degree that if there is a hiccup in distribution, they actually are forced to miss a meal.  Then I read this=Kroger Storm Watchers prepare 24/7 article about the storm watchers who work at Kroger and prepare their stores to be able to supply their customers, under all weather conditions.  Come rain, mudslides, snow, ice storms, sleet or hail; tornadoes, hurricanes, or any other form of natural disaster, the folks there have made provisions that you can get your provisions.

You really ought to check out that article; it will give you a new appreciation for the folks that provide groceries (food) at the local Kroger Store.  And perhaps a reason to do your own “due diligence”.

While we’re At It

Let’s just say that you are at home and (hypothetically, of course) three feet of snow get dumped on your neighborhood.  I know, this is never going to happen, so let us make it four feet.  It will take you and the rest of your family a week to dig out and clear the driveway to the road, and it may be a week before the road gets plowed. What are y’all going to eat in that week?  What will you run out of first?  Assuming that everything else works as expected; i.e. the power stays on, the water keeps running, the toilet keeps flushing, natural gas or propane keeps flowing…and you are forced to stay put, well, how well prepared will you be?  Will you run out of hot chocolate?  Coffee?

What can be Done?

Well, just like we are planning for our vegetable garden (in 55 days or less), we can plan for an *indoor vacation*.   Food preps for a *rainy day* scenario, like what our friends at Kroger are planning for could include a few extra cans of tuna fish and peanut butter, powdered dry milk and yeast, flour and eggs to bake bread with.  Your mileage may vary (YMMV) but the idea is to plan ahead.  Each grocery store trip pick up an extra can of your favorite soup or stew or meat.  Put back a little more than you ordinarily use.  The next time we read about a flood like Toowoomba, in your neck of the woods, at least you, my dear reader, will be eating well.

How well prepared ought you be?  How well prepared are you?

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