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56 Days til Spring!

January 23, 2011

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Spring Approaching-Reading Time Available

Have you noticed, dear reader, the increase in the amount of daylight?  Well that trend will be continuing, and we will reach the *breakeven* point, equal amounts of day and night, in 56 days.  I was reminded of this fact after visiting The Old Farmer’s Almanac earlier this morning.  Upon opening the page, I was greeted by a large bright red image of a tomato, and an invitiation, to plan ahead, and avoid tomato blight, with the Almanac’s help.

Recognizing that Days are getting Longer…

By the time that Spring officially arrives, we won’t have as much *after-dark* time for reading, so we ought to do it now!  This would include getting a hard copy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and your favorite topics at the local library.  My 2010 Almanac has been worn heavily, and it is fun to visit their website as well, as they offer planning tips for the garden and best planting dates, planting by the moon.

I still have adjustments to the garden layouts, squeezing in the herb bed, and making a properly coordinated area for the extra melons that showed up in *discovery*.  Hopefully you have a well developed plan as well, and will order soon.  Stay tuned!

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