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Seed Inventory Complete

January 22, 2011
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Next Step: comparisons

Well, greetings dear reader.  My inventory has finally been completed, I know exactly what seeds I have.  Next I will be comparing what I have to what I planned to plant.  This will identify shortfalls, which will identify purchasing requirements.  If you are like me, then inventorying seeds is difficult because there are seed packets tucked away in all sorts of odd places, in the garage, basement, out in the barn, in tins under the computer desk, and so on.

One Glaring Oversight

One glaring oversight that I made was related to the herb garden.  It ain’t on the plan!  So all those graph paper sketches will be marked “Rev 1”, and I will trace them, mark the new ones “Rev 2” and get those herbs (for which I still have seed) marked into the layout.  I also discovered that I have some Strawberry Popcorn seed that needs to get incorporated,; the difficulty with this is that it needs to be isolated from the sweet corn, so as to avoid cross pollination.

Extra Fun

All this “extra fun” helps to keep me from ordering more seed than I can plant, and/or maintain.  And I want to fully utilize the “free” offers, and “bonus” deals that my seed catalogs are offering.  Plus, while we in the GBA are huddled indoors (it is like 12 degrees F outside) it is great fun to work and rework the layout drawings and imagine oneself walking in the rich golden sunlight, surrounded by healthy, happy plants, bees buzzing, sweat dripping, pollen pollening. You get the point.

So, what have YOU planned for your personal food supply, at this point in time? What is your current seed status?  What is left from 2010?  Please do tell.


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