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Broiler Chicks

January 20, 2011

Free Range Chickens being fed

Image via Wikipedia

Day-old Chicks for Meat

So I ran across this website that specializes in providing day old chicken chicks for free-range application, specifically to grow them for meat.  Most of the birds that I have seen raised for meat are a cross between a Cornish hen and a White Rock rooster.  These are marketed as fast growing, and they are. They can grow from egg size to four pounds in six weeks.

They also require a high protein diet, meaning 22% to 28% protein level.  This can get a little pricey.  That is why the website I am about to refer you to was so interesting to me.  They mention that their meat birds are slow growing broilers.

Freedom Ranger Hatchery

The link about will take you to the “learn more” page.  They use all the right buzz words, at least to entertain me.  So you ought to check them out, learn a little and consider what it might take to grow you a batch of fried chicken dinners. I am.

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