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My Graph Paper is Out

January 14, 2011


Image by williamcromar via Flickr

The Outline is Sketched

That’s right, dear reader, I have the outline of my 2011 garden sketched out on graph paper.  How about you?  The area where I grew beans last year is where the corn will go this year.  The area where the corn was, that will be squash and melons.  The squash…tomatoes. and. no.  Wait a minute.  Erase, erase erase.  That is why I use pencil.

But you get the idea.

The Raised Beds are Something Else

There is wheat planted where the potatoes were. Those little green shoots are under 5″ of snow right now, but if all goes well…  The potatoes will go where the onions were.  The onions where the romaine and spinach grew. and the salad greens will go where the celery.  oops. the celery is still there.  So, the romaine and spinach and salad greens will have to go around the celery, in that same raised bed.

See this is why I have to draw it all on paper.  And you should too.  Let’s see the peas will go next to the sage bush. Cukes where the pole beans were and the okra next to the cukes.  Then the beets, carrots, carrots, onions and garlic.  (Garlic gets planted in the fall.  OOPS.)  I’ll squeeze the pole beans in past the onion sets and…Peppers. Sweet, jalapeno and red hot.  That just leaves broccoli, cauliflower and the cabbages. Hmm.

Okay.  There it is.  rough draft number one.  Now what about *companion planting*???

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