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6 January Garden Tasks

January 13, 2011
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My home grown stevia plants

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Serious Gardeners Accomplish these 6 Things in January

Are YOU a serious gardener, dear reader?  If you are then the following list of actions are probably well under way.  If you are not, well, I have to ask you why not???  By starting plants like tomato, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and onions indoors you can either save a whole lotta coin, or grow a tremendous amount more good food for the same moolah.

Here are the 6 Tasks to Tackle

  1. Finish 2 lists of seeds-the cool weather plants and the warm weather plants  that you want in your garden
  2. Identify *the great deals* offered in their seed catalogs, or at their favorite garden shop.  The best seed selection available is RIGHT NOW.
  3. Place their orders for at least the seeds of the cool weather varieties.  These will be started indoors in February, or in mini-greenhouses outdoors.
  4. Draw several graph paper layouts of their gardening area.  Rarely do I ever get by without two drafts, because we do want to rotate locations and we also want to arrange (re-arrange?) local proximities of plants that do well near each other.
  5. Purchase the *accessories* like seed trays, nifty hand tools, fertilizers, soil amendments, and place an order for the plants (the nurseries generally ship these to arrive at the correct planting time for your locale).
  6. At least one *New Idea*- something that you haven’t tried before. Or something that you haven’t had success with before.  How about planting a Stevia bush in a pot? In our area these must be brought indoors over winter, but the leaves offer an alternative sweetener to sugar.  Why Not?

So there you have it.  Perhaps you have an additional item or two that is important to address here in the deep of winter.  Well, I am sure dang interested, so add it in the comments.

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