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On home-made (free) food

January 9, 2011

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7 more reasons to grow your own

As if we here at ViewfromBippus haven’t tried hard enough to convince dear readers to begin a vegetable garden, we come across this news from the activist post online:

Imminent Food Shortages

You may want to bookmark that article and read it later. (It’s a little depressing) Our on-line activist buddies there outline many of the same things you have heard me bitching about er, outlining in the past:  federal regulations over food, oil prices, genetically modified (GM) food. I say bookmark it, and go back later if you are still feeling all cheery, and don’t want to spoil your good attitude.  Wait until after the cheeriness wanes.  They provide 7 reasons why the price of our food will increase, and all of those reasons seem valid to me.

Do the Bees *Know*?

Bees, specifically honeybees, seem to be having a really rough time surviving and the activist article 7 Reasons Food Shortages… points out how important bees are to the pollinization of the plants that we later eat.  They also point out (with a link to Wikileaks) that the GM Agri-Business giants may benefit economically from the demise of our buzzing little pollinator friends.  Talk about underdogs.  Bees are important to most flowering plants, and that means our vegetables.

With the cost of food set to rise, perhaps small time gardeners ought to consider raising their own bees, after all, once established, they do produce free food in the form of honey.

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