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American Dreams – 2011

January 1, 2011

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Living the Dream- American Style

Good morning, and Good Year, dear reader!

Toward the end of last year,  here at ViewfromBippus we approached the act of drinking raw milk as an act of defiance, a quest to satisfy our taste buds, to pursue happiness and live the American Dream, before the “ruling class” could interfere and regulate our choices out of existence.

Resolutions, smezolutions

As an alternative to the oft expected “resolution for new year”, why don’t we just go ahead, right here and right now, go ahead and agree that we, in the spirit of the American Pioneers, Just Do It. Rather than behaving in a reactionary way, why not identify a goal, perhaps a stretch goal, and then relentlessly pursue that goal.  You probably have some goals tucked away, far back in the back closet of your subconscious that “you will get around to”. Yeah, me too.  So as we ring in the new year of 2011,  let’s agree to just do it.  Start now. Ready, set, GO!!!

For your Consideration:

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Take the kids sledding
  • Prepare a “brand new” meal
  • Clean the garage & E-Bay some of the stuff
  • Volunteer at a local charity
  • Visit with an old friend
  • Make some beer
  • Hand write a letter to ________?
  • Read (or re-read) an old, dusty classic novel

You get the idea.  Let your imagination run wild.  Run wild like a herd of wild horses, grab that goal that you have been meaning to get around to and JUST DO IT!

And then, after you have accomplished that first goal, while you are still reveling in the glow of accomplishment, please come back to the GBA and tell us about your success.  What happened? When will you do it again? How many others will follow your example?  (It is going to be a GREAT YEAR, starting right now)
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  1. anonymous permalink
    January 1, 2011 8:51 pm

    Lets make a resolution to read more books, of all creeds and colors. I think we should read more, and for those of us who already read, I say we read a more diverse selections.

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