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So did you try the Raw Milk?

December 31, 2010

A bottle of green-top (raw, unpasturised) milk...

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Raw milk makes taste buds explode

If you followed my advice yesterday…Calling all milk lovers then probably you have chugged down a gallon of raw milk and eaten WAAAY too many chocolate chip cookies, and you are rolling on the floor trying to get up.

Or, perhaps you located a source…

More likely you located a source of raw milk, wrote it down on a slip of paper, and…where is that slip of paper?  I must admit, the comment line did not go crazy.  But if you have never tried it, you should, because your taste buds will thank you.  And there just might, well, (I can’t really say this but) possibly, in an oblique sort of way, you may benefit.

What do the “Authorities” say?

If Raw Milk grabbed your attention, perhaps you read a few of the links on yesterday’s missive, then found a few more on your own, and wondered “What’s all the fuss about?”.  And Uncle Milton can answer that for you in one word:  CHOICE.   In a free country it is all about choice.  Choosing to do something that makes you happy.  Pursuing your own happiness, for its own sake.

That is what the idea of America is all about, isn’t it?   Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

So you followed my suggestion, you found a local milk producer, you made a private contract with him and secured some raw milk, you got out the cookies, and you enjoyed yourself.  You LIKED it.  Then you came back and googled up “raw milk controversy”, and ***Jackpot*** you found like tem quadrillion articles, and a common theme of the “Ruling Class” trying to establish control over your behavior, because they know what is good for you.  They know better than you.  And they will force you to conform to what they know.

But you drank your whole milk, ate your cookies, got a good night’s sleep, and you feel fine. You feel fine, and yet, bothered.  Troubled, perhaps.  Aggravated that some folks want to control you.  You help yourself to a little more real moo juice, and decide to become an active part of “We, the People”- antithesis of the Ruling Class.

All from a little glass of milk.

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