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Using FOOD- As a Weapon?

December 29, 2010

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Who uses FOOD as a Weapon?

Oh, boy, good day dear reader.  If you have regularly read the drivel at ViewfromBippus, you know that I am interested in good food-how good food is produced, handled and brought to market.  And for the most part that means the food that one places in the mouth.  Today, I will deviate somewhat and provide you food for thought.

As a source of food for thought, AMERICAN THINKER provides resources.  Today, they provided this little gem: titled Feed me obama feed me and I think it very important that you click the link and thoroughly digest the ideas presented there.

I will wait for you, it is a short read…

OK. You’re back.  How was that for jarring your attitude?  Holy crap, that article really reached out and touched me.  How about you?

Now I had been in touch with the congress-critters repeatedly asking that they reject the so called food safety modernization act (FSMA), instructing them how I desired to be represented in congress, to no avail.  Evan Bayh, Dick Lugar and Dan Burton failed in their task of representing me. FSMA passed.  Another victory for the *Ruling Class*.  Ho-hum.

Look, I am a member of the *Country Class*, I just want to be left alone, with my freedom intact.  The pukes in the ruling class desire to dictate every facet of life as they know it, they desire to RULE the people of this country.  They can’t even deliver the mail on time, spend within a budget or keep drugs OUT of prisons; and these bungle-heads claim the authority to dictate how food is grown, processed and distributed?

vous devez être me chier!!!

This kind of thing fires me up.  Are you feeling fired up?  If you are one of the country class, and feel a bit fed up with these bastards that continue to dictate, and claim little chunks of you and your liberty on an ongoing basis, I hope that you will find your local TEA Party, find out when they meet, contact them, meet with them, and get involved.  Here in our GBA we have theHuntington, Indiana TEA Party and most counties around the country have their own.  Google it up, you may have to look for a 9/12 or patriot group.

But these rat-bastard ruler-wannabes have got to be drummed out of power, and out of our country.  Before they ruin everything.

Please offer your comments below.

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