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Garden Catalog Season ON!

December 27, 2010

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Nursery/Seed Catalogs in the mail

Christmas is behind us, I know for a fact, because the first catalog arrived in the mail today.  If you ever bought seed via mail-order, or from the internet, then you know what I am talking about.  Hard core gardeners are Right Now planning their gardens, only six days deep into winter.

Catalogs – Great Source of Data

Even if you don’t order from the Free Seed Catalogs click here you ought to read a few of them.  A wealth of information can be gleaned- cool new tools, preferred planting dates, arrangement ideas, planting tips- you never know what you might learn.  Of course, there are special offers for those who place an order before a certain date.  Free flower bulbs or seeds with a certain size order.  Something for everyone!

Before you get out that credit card…

…it is a good idea to have a plan.  I recommend starting with a list- detailing all the goodies you intend to harvest (or view in the case of most flowers), and then transferring that list onto a piece of graph paper.  At least if you have a list, you can shop the vegeys from various catalogs as far as days to maturity, size and flavor of produce, resistance to cold, wet and critters.  We will get to the graph paper diagram in a future post.

But for now, sign up for a FREE catalog or three.  One note- – – you may find it ahem, INTERESTING to use an acronym or funny nickname when you request a catalog. Or perhaps your kid’s name.  Some *sharing* of names does occur, and by using *variants* you can tell who shared with whom.  Just sayin’.

Some of my favorites are:  Stark’s nursery, Farmer’s, Jung, & Gurney’s.

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