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The Magic Art of Frying Eggs

December 24, 2010

Seven eggs being fried (sunny side up) in a fr...

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Magic Fried Eggs -Delicious, Healthy, and Simply Done 

If you follow these basic rules

Good Morning, dear reader, from a satiated writer who just finished his fried egg breakfast. Eggs can be prepared many ways, but take it from this egg eater, nothing makes your taste buds tingle more than FRIED EGGS.  I calculate that in the last year I have consumed over one thousand eggs.

Egg Frying Basics

The essentials are few:  you need farm fresh eggs, a couple (few) strips of bacon,((Having trouble with the “Farm fresh” part?  If you don’t have a neighbor with chickens and pigs START HERE: ))   …and a cast iron skillet. And a stove.  Wood stove, gas stove, or another stove.

You place that bacon in a cool black iron skillet.

(What? Your cast iron pan ain’t black? Go back to Step One )


Because all cast iron cookware, properly season, and properly used, develops a deep black hue. Turn the heat to low, and begin gently cooking the bacon. (If, you don’t desire all that much protein, you can use lard and skip to the next step, but WHY?)

Once the bacon is nearly done,  and the pan has a nice layer of hot fat across it, take those farm fresh eggs, and gently crack them into the pan.

Pure protein breakfast

Save the shells for the compost pile. Ease those babies into the pan so the yolks stay intact.

Be patient!  Wait  for the whites to solidify, and the yolks to firm slightly.  You will notice that farm fresh egg yolks are brighter, more orange, and stand taller that their *store-bought* cousins (ick).  I usually pull them as the first sight of firming appears around the edge of the yolk, because I like them *runny*.  Your mileage may vary (YMMV)

In about 3 minutes, when they are looking *just right*, using your metal spatula, gently lift them and the bacon out and place on a plate.  Turn off the heat (if you aren’t using a wood stove), and retire to the table. Salt and pepper to taste.

Pronounce your thanks to the Creator, and DIG IN! It is pretty simple, and a simple blessing, and those “aigs” will nourish you, and sustain you. The bacon fat adds a flavor that just cannot be created by those *cholesterol-free* (ick) oils. And you will find that you are right with the world, ready to take on the day.

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