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Robotic Cow Milking

December 23, 2010

Dairy Farmers

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Cows and Dairy Farmers Like It

Ran across this video on the Farmweek TV Show, on RFDTV.  They provided a link, and now the video is available to you, dear reader!

Robotic Cow Milking, click here

Now I can tell you for a fact, dear reader, that our friends down the road that have a dairy farm work their tails off with no vacations.  For them to miss a milking session, could mean the end of the flow of milk, which would mean the end of the payment for milk, and financial ruin.  Their cows are milked twice a day, every day.  And sometimes they have to chase their cows into the milking parlor.

Ponder that the next time you are thinking about “calling in sick”.  Dairy farmers kick ass.  For those that can implement robotic milking, this is HUGE.

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