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Good Riddance: Winter Solstice!

December 22, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

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Winter Solstice-the Darkest Day-behind us

Welcome to Winter

Here in the GBA, Northern Hemisphere, it is finally winter.  Yesterday was the winter solstice and a full moon, and there was even a lunar eclipse to ring in the winter season. Yesterday was also the shortest day/longest night; and Good Riddance, says I.

Two Days Ago the hens gave up ONE egg

That’s right, for all twenty-some laying hens, they gave up one stinkin egg.  You see, chickens produce eggs based upon the amount of light they experience.  During June and July in the GBA, they will produce an egg roughly every twenty-five hours.  More roughly, that is one egg per hen each day, less one, for a laying flock the size of ours.  Around winter solstice, not so much.  Our neighbors across the road have had several days in a row with zero eggs. And for folk that feed their flock every day, and then get NO STINKIN EGGS, it is hurtful to buy store eggs.

Winter- the Good News!

From now until late June, the days will be getting longer.  Although we are still in the *dark season*, we will gain a minute here, and two minutes there, of additional sunlight.  And to those of us who raise laying hens, that will mean more eggs each day.  Now don’t get me wrong, our egg count will not skyrocket this week, or even next week.  In the past, we suffered through zero egg production days around Christmas and New Year’s Day,  but just like the extra minute of daylight each day, we start to get more eggs.

So welcome to winter, dear reader; the season of (incremental) additional daylight!

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