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Oh, what a DUCK he has become

December 20, 2010

Chick-duck all growed up

The chick hatched and raised as a duck, has “arrived”

He has a storied past, this chick duck.  Chick duck is his name.  He was laid (as an egg) by a naughty mama barred rock chicken who left him in a mallard hen duck’s nest.  He hatched a few days earlier than the “regular” duck eggs.  He was accepted, but not treated all that nice. And he grew up as a black swan member of a duck flock.  Then all the ducks migrated, and left Chick-Duck behind.

Cock of the roost

He has started to crow, on occasion;  telling the hens in his flock where they are supposed to be (in chicken language, of course).  Or perhaps he is trying to call his duck buddies back.   Who knows?

Chick-Duck struttin' for the camera

You might recall, if you have been a dear reader for a while, the trials of this handsome devil. like when he nearly drowned, or him running with the ducks

Rooster with some hens

and there is a pic of his daddy in that post (His daddy is now deceased, killed by wifey’s dog).

In the photo above (if you look closely, from left to right ) you will see hens…a Barred Rock, a Black Giant, another Barred Rock under the ramp, Chick-Duck the rooster,  a Partridge Rock, and a Rhode Island Red.

With the ducks gone, Chick-Duck is becoming a full fledged member of the chicken community.  Below are the *girls* that did not want to come out and play in the snow.

The *girls* that are afraid of the snow

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  1. December 20, 2010 7:38 pm

    I missed the story of Chick-Duck the first time around. What an interesting story! Such a long journey to find his proper place.


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