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A Time to reap?

December 18, 2010

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Recovering some seed

I have been holding off on harvesting the field corn I planted last spring, for a couple reasons.  One is that the corn grew poorly, so the yield will be miserably low. The other was that I thought perhaps standing corn would attract some deer, which I might get a whack at during the muzzle loader season.

Admittedly, this is not a good plan

but , well, hunting is more fun than picking corn by hand.  Anyway, yesterday I began, with a bushel basket and a west wind in my face.  Now this corn was planted to feed the critters, not the people.  No chemicals were used; like no weed killer, no fertilizer, no nothing.  But, the corn that is harvested will become part of the eggs, and chicken that we eat.  So low yield is better than no yield.

And I picked a few green beans

Sounds weird, here the week before Christmas, but I had intentionally left some plants standing in the garden.  So I pulled a few of the green bean plants out of the snow, and brought them into the garage, stored in a bushel basket.  I will shell them after they dry off from the snow, and examine the seeds to see if they appear viable.  I will let you know.

So, the plan is…

that the really nicely formed corn cobs, with good length and diameter, filled with fine kernels, will be used to plant in the coming year.  The scrawny ones and the ugly ones which did not perform as well will be fed to the critters.  Same with the beans, if they look really good- plant them, otherwise crack them and feed them.  Now that i think of it, I have some sweet corn still on the cob, laying out there in the garden, so I will have to gather that in as well.  It has held in the teens and twenties, way below normal average temps in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA) so I haven’t really spent a lot of time outside.  But there is still plenty to do to get ready for the coming planting season.

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