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Crimes against person and property

December 17, 2010

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Or, Why do we Allow blood profiling?

Huh?  Who ever heard of “blood profiling”, anyway?

Well, your old Uncle Milton did, when he read this old article, Legalize drunk driving for the holidays written by Lew Rockwell back in year 2000. Go ahead, dear reader, click on the link read Lew’s article and then come back, I will have some comments after you check this out.

Legalize “Drunk Driving“, say what?

Well, if Thomas Jefferson was right that governments exist to protect our rights, and our rights are rather much tied up in our persons, and property, then the physical make up of our body, and hence our blood, is (or should be) a right that the government protects. Dear reader, if you own yourself, (which as a free person, you do) then the things that you eat, drink or smoke are for you and you alone to decide.  When your actions infringe upon another person, meaning you don’t respect their person or property, then the government needs to be there to protect their rights.  And require you to make them whole again.

This whole concept of “enforcing probabilities”

Mister Rockwell makes a pretty strong argument for freedom.  I like that.  By legislating a “One-Size-Fits-All” blood alcohol level, the government has overstepped its authority.  The alcohol business is highly regulated from manufacture to distribution to sales.  It generates revenue to the state.  When it enters an individual’s body, it becomes a matter of personal responsibility, not a matter of authoritarian control of “the odds”.   We should insist that our rights get protected, and our liberty gets exercised.

Please leave your comments below.  Cheers!

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