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Bippus Coyote Sightings Rise

December 16, 2010

Coyote in Yellowstone National Park

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More coyotes sighted, more boldness apparent

The other day, my son alerted me to the fact that a coyote was cruising our north property line, about an hour before sunset.  Sure  enough, there he was, about 90 yards from my bedroom window, running across a cut bean field, on three legs.  He was holding his right rear leg up for some reason.  Being we were in the deep freeze, and had been for a couple days, I figgered he might be suffering from a frostbite attack.

And that was #2 coyote spotted for me that day…

Yep, I had taken the scenic route to the barber earlier that day, and as is my custom when driving through the country, I looked along the  edge of a neighboring woods, and spotted a coyote on the lee side of the woods, the sunny side.  Almost as soon as I spotted him, he seemed to be aware of my awareness, and began to move way from me, and the road.  After I watched the *running on three legs* coyote, I realized that this year, I have seen more of these “Little wolves” than I ever remember.  In times gone by, it was very rare to spot one during daylight hours.  And even then, they were very shy.

More, closer daylight sightings

More, and closer, more bold behavior by wild dogs during the daylight tells me that the population is growing.  Junior reported seeing two coyotes from his treestand while shotgun hunting.  The neighbor lady reported seeing one within feet of the back of our barn.  During the daylight of summer.  Coyotes prowling the perimeter presents problems for poultry, especially free range poultry.  And there are even reports of coyotes within the city limits of major population centers.  One of their *favorite foods*?

Domestic cats.

Have you had any coyote sightings lately?  When and where?

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