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Winter Weather Word of the Day – D-R-I-F-T-S

December 13, 2010

Snowdrifts in Bippus Aplenty

Woke up late today to see everything covered in snow, and clear skies.  The wind in the GBA is howling like a banshee, and moving the freshly fallen snow into the most inconvenient places.  Our little princess just hopped on the bus which came two hours late, due to a school delay.  The middle (forgotten child) goes to school in Fort Wayne, and his school day is cancelled.   And the big college princess, (who didn’t get in last night until 11:30, UGH) needs a ride to college, but prefers not to ride with *lil bro* in the snow.

Which brings me to the word of the day, for folks who will drive in the open areas of farm fields…


The county plow truck has been past the house several times this morning.  It is rather comical when he is travelling from north to south, pushing the snow off onto the west side of the road, because the strong west-north-west wind ain’t having non of that.  Mister Wind just pushes the snow right back on him, and across the road.  What I am saying is that Mother Nature wins in the battle of snow moving and YOU’D BETTER WATCH OUT, for those spots where the drifts get really deep.

The Good News is…

most of the locals already know where the drifts are going to be.  If you are on a less travelled road, just blast on through.  AFTER you have made sure there is no oncoming traffic.  It is kind of fun, when you are in the clear.  On the travelled roads, well we should all learn to expect the unexpected.  Peace.

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