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They’re burning down the village

December 10, 2010

Burning car in Wheatley Village

Image by net_efekt via Flickr

Freedom of the internet village burning down

Gosh was I ever devastated when I read this article by Gonzalo Lira about the new McCarthyism sweeping through our country. It includes this quote:  “right now China—the government—can disconnect its internet, we need to have that here too.” from Joe Lieberman, who is chairman of the senate’s homeland security committee. That pretty well frosted my cake of discontent.  You see, dear readers, during my half century I have witnessed a steady deterioration of liberty, with one, significant exception: the internet.

Intarwebz Village – Home of the Free

The intarwebz may very well be the greatest freedom tool that AlGore ever invented.  It affords us an inexpensive method to communicate around the world, we have access to unlimited information (“just Google it”), we can even buy stuff and have it shipped right to our door (Hey, there Amazon*dot*com).  With that tremendous freedom, we can also rankle the feathers of the *Ruling Class* which is what one fellow currently sitting in a British jail (gaol?) cell did.  And boy, oh boy, are the members of the *Ruling Class* ever pissed off.

Ruling Class-“We are burning down the village, to save it”

You see, that guy in gaol leaked documents to the world that were painting members of the “Ruling Class” in an unfavorable light.  And so, much like a spoiled kid taking his bat and ball, and going home, these pukes intend to clamp down with all the tenderness of a jack-boot on your throat, and make sure that no one cooperates with the truth exposer.

In case you didn’t notice, I have been trying to avoid using the name of the gaoled individual, because it would appear that any contact whatsoever could bring down the wrath of Goliath.  and we can’t have that here in Bippus.  What brought me to these conclusions began with me reading this story about hackers.   And the hackers associated with gaol man are said to have begun hacking assaults against the networks of those people and organizations that have been hostile to the dude in gaol.  If they are successful, it kind of fuels the fires of Herr Lieberman, in getting his desired Intarweb Shutoff Switch.  So hold on to your hats, and fire extinguishers.

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