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A Big, Scary Badger Story

December 9, 2010

A Badger

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Badger scares heck out of Indiana Bowhunter

Okay, I am sorry that I jumped right to the punchline, but how many of you, Dear Readers, have a badger running around in your neighborhood?

This story came to me from my barber, who usually has some reliable stories to tell.  His son was out bowhunting for deer one afternoon, this would be before November 13, (when the shotgun season opened) and it got to be quitting time.  So he climbed down from his treestand, and began walking back to the house.  The barber did not specify exactly which house, because guys that hunt and fish always leave a little untold mystery in their stories, but I suspect it was HIS house which is in Whitley County just a few miles north, and a few miles east of Bippus.  So the barber’s son was walking back to the house, in the Greater Bippus Area, GBA, and it is dark, and upwind of him he sees 4 or 5 deer walking back to the house, about 40 yards from him.  “Gee”, says he, “those deer don’t have very good eyesight in the dark”, and he takes a knee to watch this unusual phenomenon.  So he is watching the deer walking back to his house, 40 or now maybe 50 yards away, when all of a sudden they just

Take off at full speed ahead,

and he says to himself, “Self, it was not you that scared them deer”, and while he is trying to rationalize why they took off in such a hurry, he sees a large dark object, coming out from the woods, behind where the deer were, and heading straight at him.  The dark “thing” is approaching fast, and it is BIG, and dark (since I already told you what it is, TRY to act surprised here, ok?) and it is charging right at him and he does not know, at this time what in the heck it is, so he nocks an arrow, and draws it back and prepares to whack the marauder.

And then it stopped 4 feet away

and the stare-down began.  Now, badgers are known to have a ferocious attitude, and have kicked *ss on bears and wolves.  They can run at 16 to 19 mph, and have broad front claws, as they are a critter that forages underground for most meals.  In this case, the bowhunter gently backed up, moved away, and bloodshed was averted.

So I find myself wondering-what was it that raised the dander on this critter?  Were the deer going to make a meal for it?  Was its den or burrow under assault?  Or perhaps he thought he could start a football game.  Whatever the motivations of this type of badger,compared to this type of badger , it provided an interesting look into the nature of wildlife in Indiana.

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