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Badgers, hackers and whistle-blowers

December 8, 2010

Logo used by Wikileaks

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Why do we need hackers, whistle blowers and badgers?

Julian Assange is still in British Prison due to allegations by two Swedish women that he “raped” them.  Each woman individually consented to a sexual tryst with Assange, and treated him very nicely, before and after their *hooking up*.  Three to four days later, the two women spoke with one another, and then went to a Swedish police station to file charges against the “Wikileaks Man”. Anything smelling fishy yet, dear reader?

In this story, I will speculate that these two women are badgers. They are not much different than the badger that attacked my barber’s son, after an archery hunt. They have gained publicity and notoriety, and have succeeded in getting the Wikileaks founder locked up.  They may have precipitated much more than a visit to Swedish prison for Mr. Assamge, if the *ruling class* of the United States can dream up some charges against him and have Sweden extradite him to the United State.

Assange is a hacker, since he was 16…

He has created one of the world’s foremost hacking sites in Wikileaks.   He claims to do this to expose the inner workings of *bad guys* the world round, and in a most interesting fashion.  You see, after hacking some tidbit of dirt on a bad guy, he offers that information to major news networks, one per country, with an opportunity for them to have an “exclusive” news item.  But it is only exclusive for a few days.  He pits news organs like the New York Times against Der Spiegel against The Guardian and them waits.  And then he does it again, or publishes on the internet himself.  As an accomplished hacker, Assange enables people to become whistle blowers.

Remember the Apache helicopter gunship videos?

One whistleblower that came forward supplied Assange and Wikileaks with footage of reporters in Iraq being gunned down by Americans aboard a helicopter gunship.  Horrifying video.  The whistleblower will probably spend an eternity in military prison, as he was found out, and also a member of the military.  A very brave individual, doing what he thought was right, in exposing criminal behavior, used by Wikileaks to achieve fame, he won’t be free to blow whistles again anytime soon.

With that in mind, the latest “leak” I read about involved DynCorp,    (Story-Click Here )   a U.S. company that provides “security” services for the U.S. government in Afghanistan.  The “leak” alleges that DynCorp provided drugs and little boys to Afghan Cops in a sort of a party.  The young boys were used for sexual gratification by the *cops*, and is featured in a FrontLine video. All enabled by taxpayers in the name of Homeland Security.

So far in this sordid little tale, we have two *dames* making Assange look bad (not to mention going to jail to be extradited), Assange’s Wikileaks making the American military looking bad, and…by extension making American taxpayers look bad.

And then, there is the *threat* to release more *leaks*

If Assange should have an “unfortunate accident”, or be murdered, or jailed long term, he has this “poison pill” of even more devastating hacked information that he has distributed to his friends, with the instructions to release.  And during all this, the *ruling class* in our country is falling all over themselves to shut down Wikileaks.  Hah! Hundreds (if not thousands) of mirror sites have popped up all over showing the same basic data as Assange’s original.  It is apparent that the *Ruling Class* is afraid of getting their teats in a wringer, if any new leaks should appear, and that is why Badgers are necessary.  If it weren’t for hackers, then whistleblowers would not be enabled to gain a strong forum.   And if it weren’t for whistleblowers, we would not know of the misdeeds of our military, and military contractors. (You didn’t expect the *Ruling Class* to tell you, didja?)

This whole plot continues to thicken.  But INHO having access to more information is better than less.  Our taxes are used to cover the costs of these boondoggles and we need to be aware of how they are doled out.  We need hackers and whistle blowers and people with badger-like attitudes to root out these goings-on.  And we need to be ever vigilant.

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