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Essential to national defense-Days of Infamy

December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor bombings map

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Ruling Class overuses “National Defense” excuse

Throws Americans into days of infamy

Greetings, dear reader, here I go again, leaving (for a moment) the farm fresh food stories for a historical departure.  Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a military endeavor that brought our country into the second world war- the last actual war declared by congress. I can hear my dear readers saying “So what?”, or perhaps just thinking it loudly. But, please,  stick with me here for a moment, and let’s revisit some history from about 70 years ago.

November 17, 1941

On November 17th. 1941,  Congressman Martin Dies would write:

Early in 1941 the Dies Committee came into possession of a strategic map which gave clear proof of the intentions of the Japanese to make an assault on Pearl Harbor. The strategic map was prepared by the Japanese Imperial Military Intelligence Department. As soon as I received the document I telephoned Secretary of State Cordell Hull and told him what I had. Secretary Hull directed me not to let anyone know about the map and stated that he would call me as soon as he talked to President Roosevelt. In about an hour he telephoned to say that he had talked to Roosevelt and they agreed that it would be very serious if any information concerning this map reached the news services…. I told him it was a grave responsibility to withhold such vital information from the public. The Secretary assured me that he and Roosevelt considered it essential to national defense. (Emphasis added)

Now this is just one little except from an article by James Perloff. You can access the whole article at (click here) And I would recommend that you do read that article, and search around that website for more interesting Pearl Harbor history.

Back to 2010-where did I hear that “essential” business?

Exactly where was it that we heard that line about  being “Essential to national defense”, anyway?  Was it to support the idea of creating nude images of airline pasengers, or the sexual assaults committed on non-porno-scan travellers?  Was it when the mis-named “Patriot Act” was being considered?  Was it “essential” to “national defense” to bomb Afghanistan, or Iraq?   Is it essential to national defense to take off your belt and shoes at the airport?  Oh, and here’s a good one:  Is it essential to have RFID tags installed on your farm animals, each and every one, so as to protect our food sources against a *terrorist attack*?

It seems that every time someone from the “Ruling Class” desires to take another little piece of our liberty, all they have to do is say that it is essential to the national defense, and we the people roll over like little lap dogs, bend our paws up, and say “woof, woof” go ahead and make us safe.  We never liked liberty all that much, just please make us safe from the boogie man.

This excuse being used to destroy the American way of life, through excessive regulation,  has been used for decades.  FDR invoked it to overcome the will of 80% of Americans who were opposed to involvement in WWII.  GWBush used it to initiate aggressions on Iraq and Afghanistan.  BHObama is using it now to continue to TORTURE *enemy combatants*.

As we reflect on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the beginning of the Second World War for America, I would hope that we also reflect on the fact that we can no longer afford to be deceived by the “Ruling Class” (of whom FDR, Bush I, Bush II and Obama are all charter members) and that bombing people in far off lands does not make us safer.  Spending tons of dollars to destroy things is bad for the freedom of all people.  We need to pull ourselves out of the “Days of Infamy”  of this war on terrorism- and realize that getting onto the path of Liberty and Justice for All should be our saving grace.

This is a good time to start planning your “Victory Garden”, for victory over the evil “Ruling Class”.  Happy Pearl Harbor Day!


  America’s Ruling Class

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