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Garden Visualization-Now Picture This:

December 6, 2010


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Snow is on the ground, get busy gardening!

Good day, dear reader.  Presumably, you have tucked your garden in for the cold season.  If you are like us here in Bippus, there is snow covering the place where the garden vegeys come from.  So how does one get busy gardening?  visualization.

Think back to July, close your eyes, relax…

How did your garden look way back on Independence Day 2010?  Were the green beans flowering?  The peas starting to bulge?  Was your sweet corn “knee high by the Fourth of July”?  Create a vivid mental picture of how it was.  Walk the aisles.  Smell the sweet fragrance. Relax.  MMMMmmmmmmm!   Hey, there aren’t any insects buzzing around, trying to steal a pinch of your blood as you do this.  Nice.

And, now how would you make it better?

Should those raised beds be narrower?  Deeper?  Have more organic matter?  Jot that down.  Draw a picture.  Imagine in your minds eye the crop that should follow what you had planted.  Maybe corn should follow the beans or peas? Squash or melons to follow corn?  What about that old compost pile?  I usually like to toss an old compost pile over the snow covering a particular part of the garden.   And (if you fish during the winter) you did dig a few holes in the garden, where you can drop the entrails after fish cleaning, didn’t you?  We have *craters* all over planned to drop fish guts and bones into.

For this next part, graph paper works really well

Yeah, a piece of 8 1/2″ X 11″ graph paper allows the designer (you) to easily lay out what will go where, come spring.  This is fun for the kids, too, so if you have kids, give them a sheet with the intended zones outlined and a few crayons and let ’em at it!  Of course, if you have done your research, you will know what goes where, which supplements are required (where) and an idea of the order in which the seeds will go into the ground.  Once you have developed the general plan, it comes time for the catalogs.  More on that at a later time.

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