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The View is Brightening

December 5, 2010

Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster

Image via Wikipedia

Snow continues in Bippus

We got dusted overnight, and the snow continued during the day today.  Enough accumulation to cover the grass,  but not much more.   The benefit of this snow is that it brightens the evening hours.  The winterlike weather did not agree with one of my barred rock hens, who was found stiff and cold in the back corner of the hen house yesterday.

Chick-Duck begins regular crowing

Yeah, the little Barred Rock cockerel that was hatched with ducklings in a duck nest has matured, and what, with all his little ducky buddies migrated south, he has taken to strutting around and crowing like a rooster.  Of course, he is a cockerel, and won’t be a rooster until May (?) of next year.

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