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Flawed “Food Safety” bill passes senate

December 3, 2010

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How much “safety” is enough safety?

Greetings, dear reader.  I’ve got another rant coming so if your eyes are sensitive, perhaps it would be best to look away.  The U.S. Senate passed S510, the misnomered “Food Safety” Bill.  My post heading says it is flawed, and it is, but technically the idiot senators put a tax in the body of the bill, and (as WE all know, only the House of Representatives can bring forward a new tax) therefore it is flawed.  It will be interesting to see what the *lame duck* progressives in the House do with S510, hopefully they just let it die.  I mean, jeepers-creepers, if the x-rays and groping haven’t made us safe, how will prohibiting organically grown food save us?

The “intended” purpose is to make our food safe

Hah!  Does anyone believe that restricting the freedom of people to choose their own food will make them safe?  It must be an awful curse to have on you, to be a part of the “Ruling Class” that think they can write something down, and that will solve any problem that they deem necessary.  Do you think shutting down the local farmer’s market will make you safe?  If one thinks about the food recalls of the recent past, I think of eggs, baby spinach, was it tomaters? and NONE OF THESE CAME FROM A FARMER’S MARKET.  But the geniuses in warshington do not get their payola, err, um, campaign contributions from the local farmer’s market, do they?  Can you say- A D M ? (never mind)

So what do you think?

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