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The Weather Honeymoon is Over

December 1, 2010

Snow on trees, Germany.

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Late Autumn Weather reaches GBA

Well Happy December, dear reader! With the arrival of December, the people of the Greater Bippus Area were treated to a white coating of snow on the ground this morning.  This is the first time this fall that any snow actually stayed on the ground, and so that is significant.

You ever notice how snow on the ground makes you feel colder?

Yeah, I did this morning.  I let the dog out, noticed snow (and felt the cooler temps in the 20’s) and grabbed a cup of coffee.  Then it hit me, “I feel cold”…  In checking the thermostat, the temp and the setting were both solidly on 65, same as it has been since we turned on the heat, therefore it(that cold feeling) must be due to the snow.

And the 10 day forecast is all 20’s and 30’s…

so the honeymoon that we in the GBA had, with temps in the 50’s and 60’s (In November???) , well, the honeymoon is over.  So here are a few tips I would like to share with you, my dear readers.  First tip- LONG JOHNS.  Polypropylene long underwear.  If you don’t have some, get some and layer up.  If your family has none, get them some while you are at it.  Yeah, I know, long johns used to be only for sissies, but that was back when your old Uncle Milton was a PRE-TEEN.  Get over it and put em on when you need to be outdoors.

Next tip- you ever get cold feet?  Well,  get yourself an old dish washing pan and set it in the bathtub, and fill it with warm/hot water and set your feet in there!  About five minutes in the “Foot Bath” and you will be amazed at how much better, overall, that you feel.  Be sure to dry those tootsies completely before you put your socks on!

And lastly, this tip is good when you get an overall chill, and is especially good when you feel a bit of a (dare I say it?)  a scratchy throat, or a *bug* coming on.  TAKE A HOT BATH.  Now, this is not intended for cleaning as much as it is for heating up your body.  You will want to get in when it is just warm, then crank up the temp.  As hot as you can stand it, fill’er right up, and get down into that hot,hot,HOT water.  Soak, soak, soak for as long as you can stand it, too.  And I am talking really stinkin hot.

If you do this right, when you get out, you won’t be able to dry off, well, for like 5 or 10 minutes, because you will be sweating A LOT.  And that is the key – to be sweating a lot. Just keep on toweling off until you finally get dry.  The sweating (think Old Indian Sweat Lodge…How!)  the sweating pushes toxins out of your body, including that nasty bug or scratchy thing in your throat.  Try this and give it an honest assessment, and leave a comment here at ViewfromBippus, (especially if it helped you), but either way. One thing is for sure, you will feel warmer when you are done.  And then head over to the window (ahem, after you are dressed, please) over to the window and LAUGH-HA HA SNOW-I am feeling just toasty, warm in here.

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