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Rant over airport security

November 28, 2010

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All choices are un-American

Would you rather be groped or exposed?  If you choose “exposed”, it means the the “Transportation Security Administration” (TSA) will irradiate your skin with x-rays and create a detailed image of your body, in XXX detail, that CAN be saved and transmitted, even though official liars have publicly stated otherwise.  The x-rays may be dangerous to your health, but “officials” say don’t worry.

Incrementalism, the trademark of the ruling class

Ah, one may argue, there are only a few of the “Porno-scanners” and they don’t have one at my favorite airports.  Yes, I would reply, that is the incremental way that progressives usually initiate unpopular programs, and the “Touch my Junk” crowd is hell bent, IMO, to force acquiescence from the American people.  Never mind what the Bill of Rights supposedly guarantees, just take off your shoes and your belt,  do what “we the rulers” say, and submit.

So what is a Real American to do?

What would George Washington think of this crap?  He would wonder, I think, what kind of man would leave his weapons behind, just to exercise his God-given right to travel.  How would that man protect himself against savages, or robbers, or regulators, the man who never told alie might say.  Take off my shoes?  Surely you must be kidding.  And you want to place your hands where?  Step back, you scalawag.

My personal belief is that Real Americans must use Sousveillance and the legal system to personally and professionally hold these “agents” accountable in a court of our peers.  Every one who is aggrieved by the actions of a TSA operative needs to file a court complaint against that indivdual, his supervisor, and any other “agent” that violates his right to be secure in his person, papers and/or effects.  A good old fashioned jury trial for each and every one of these *perpetrators*.  Millions of trials, across the fruited plain.

Sousveillance?  Did you say “sousveillance”?

Yeah.  It is the common man’s response to surveillance.  Surveillance is an attempt to watch from above.  Sousveillance is to watch from below.  There are necklaces available that hold a small camera that allow one to videotape and keep one’s hands free.  Video records of the actions of the TSA “agents” will be very valuable when plenty of Real Americans start hauling their official asses into court.  You Tube videos will be very valuable also.

What do YOU think?

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