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A chance to hunt Kankakee

November 22, 2010

Hooded Merganser.

Image via Wikipedia

Lots of geese around Kankakee wildlife area

Saturday we took a drive to northwest Indiana, near the little town of Toto, and entered a lottery.  We were drawn 20th out of 58 parties wanting to hunt, and selected a flooded corn field,  to hunt for ducks and geese.

Unfortunately, there was no wind, and fog

and those two conditions limited the number of birds in the air.  The decoys looked to be sitting on a plate of glass and the birds that we did see didn’t like that at all.

And then, there were geese

Around 9 a.m. the fog began to lift.  The wind began to blow a little and the geese in a field south of us started lifting off. Flocks of twenty to fifty got up and circled, gaining altitude with each pass.  These liftoffs continued for a half hour, and with a northeast breeze, the geese went with the wind, generally heading south and west.  Nothing we could do with our goose calls would entice the geese to have a come-look-see.

And then it was noon, which is the end of legal hunting hours, and we picked up decoys, and came home.  Our combined bag included one drake wood duck and one drake hooded merganser.

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