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Time to fly

November 21, 2010

Mallard (Male), Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuar...

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Most all our ducks, flew the coop

So it must be time to fly.  You might recall, dear reader, that I clipped the flight feathers of most of our *domestic* mallard ducklings.  The intent was to prevent them from departing.  FAIL.  When I came out to collect eggs two evenings back all but four of the mallards were gone.  There were no clumps of feathers  (or other signs of a killing) so I assume they just up and migrated.

Wifey says – “Good…

at least you won’t have to feed all those ducks”.  Maybe she is right, although I remember sitting in the tree stand about a half a mile away, hearing those ducks just quacking up a storm, and thinking how much I love to hear them singing their duck song.  There is just one, a hen duck, that remains.  And she ain’t talking.  I think she is as sad as I am.

From my point of view I have done a service for the waterfowl community, having raised, and now released twenty nine mallards.   I will probably remain melancholy until spring.

Maybe some of those ducks will return, in the spring.

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