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Money Talks!

November 17, 2010

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When Ag is slow, talk economics

Mornin, dear reader.  I admit to you, right now, that things agricultural are slow. The crops are harvested, the ground is prepped for winter, the fertilizer is applied.  Junior harvested a nice buck on the shotgun opener and processing is under way.  It is a tough time to write about farming, so why not talk about …economics?

First I want you to view this video…

OK, now that was fun, wasn’t it?  But it is not all fun and games when the U.S. money supply is going to be boosted by 600 billion dollars out of thin air.  It is not cool that it was boosted by 2 trillion dollars in the last two years, either.  We are just starting to feel the effects of all this economic goosing, in higher prices.   And believe you me, farmers will feel the effects of higher prices, especially in fuel, fertilizer and equipment.  And (I presume) you know what that means for the people that buy farmer’s products.

Now you know that your old uncle Milton is tied in with the local TEA Party.  And I have been a supporter of Congressman Ron Paul, and his ideas for over a decade.Ron Paul Bio

So it ought not come as any surprise, when I tell you that the time has come, as Ron Paul has suggested time and time again, that we audit the Federal Reserve, as a first step toward abolishing it.  the thievery that the Fed has promulgated on the American people, through inflation of the money supply, must come to an end.  There is a reason that America’s founding fathers wrote into our founding document that money shall be only gold and silver.  It seems like that theme is promoted in the Bible somewhere, isn’t it?

Economics based on a Gold and Silver money supply becomes very easy to understand.  Our country ran pretty durn good on a gold standard, until the Fed was created in 1913, and empowered in the early 1930’s.  Ever wondered why the “Roaring Twenties”  roared?

Well, I look forward to some feedback from you, as I venture out away from ag subjects.  I hope you found this little video entertaining and enlightening.  Leave your comments below…

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