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Shotgunning for Deer

November 12, 2010

A New Hampshire Deer Hunt

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Gun Deer Season Opens Tomorrow in Indiana

That is right, dear reader, tomorrow the gun hunting season for deer opens up, at 30 minutes before sunrise.  Technically, they allow you to hunt with a rifle as long as it is only loaded with pistol ammo.  This means that most everyone hunts with a shotgun.

How do you hunt deer with a shotgun?

Well, you get close.  And you use slugs or buckshot.  Slugs, which are a single projectile, are effective out to about 100 yards.  Buckshot is a bunch of pellets, fairly large pellets, like one third of an inch in diameter,  and typically about 12 or 15 of them in a typical 12 gauge 2 3/4″ or 3″ shell, respectively.  They are effective out to about 50 yards.  So you get close, aim carefully if using a slug, and maybe (not so) carefully if using buckshot, and BOOM!

And of course, if you have a muzzleloading rifle, you can use that.  So pack a lunch, and head on out.  There are a lot of deer out there that need to be “conserved”.  Be safe.

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